CASIO Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1JF six Bureau radio solar watch

Something tells me one day you aunt Zhang everything, accidentally did not hold on the (ah on) you Zhang aunt. I can not help but want to chop a hand to buy buy buy Fortunately, restrained his heart, "the power of primitive" did not waver, I just go back to the poor every day diao silk ah where money ah. Until one day to see the bright red Sau Sau Casio Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1JF six Bureau radio solar watch, the heart of the "prehistoric power" broke out I want to buy I do not want to stop me I want to buy ... ... Sao small Red circle - CASIO Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1JF six Bureau radio solar watch Understand about the history of the development of CASIO GW-M5610-1 as follows: This is the 5600 ancestors, 1983 DQ-5000C has the texture of the first generation of G-SHOCK series. Full coverage of the resin material, the core of the rolex replica uk movement more authoritative support point, the use of suspended in the air of the hollow structure. (Pictures on the word can be difficult to see, so I hit out in the following to facilitate everyone to see a small red circle show - CASIO Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1JF six Bureau radio solar watch) 2002 G-5600 equipped with a solar power, adding man-made fiber, reinforced plastic case to strengthen the metal plate for special processing of the new shock structure. Using solar panels, to achieve almost comparable with DW-5600E thickness (interested, then you can look for years to find). In 2008, the GW-M5600 realized the radio wave function, and equipped with swiss replica watches a multiband antenna which can receive the radio waves from Japan (2 offices), the United States, Britain and Germany. 2012 GW-M5610 carrying the long-awaited Multiband6, follow the classic paragraph DW-5000 crown shape and dial design. Can receive the world 6 Bureau (Japan 2 Board, China, the United States, Britain, Germany) standard radio, equipped with automatic correction time of the Multiband6 and solar power. Why the above are not introduced in the official description of them are waterproof it! . . The above picture in CASIO Casio G-SHOCK official website interception. Attached to the purchase link below a small red circle - CASIO Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1JF six Bureau radio solar watch When GW-M5610-1JF purchase price plus shipping about 1000RMB or so, than the GW-M5610-1 expensive on more than 300RMB. GW-M5610-1JF and GW-M5610-1 fact, there is rolex replica watches no difference, but the former is packed in paper box, which is packed in iron. Has been tangled to buy which, until the determined to order, after a week after the hand of things feel is an intellectual barrier why not buy GW-M5610-1 bright red small circle - CASIO Casio GW-M5610-1JF the back of a string of 302A119F a string of characters (5S quality forgive me), 302A on behalf of the Thai system, 119F on behalf of 2016, the first 119 days of manufacture. I wrist 18CM or so. Well, welcome to correct me. . Light show Slightly Red Circle - CASIO Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1JF six Bureau radio solar watches have said the wrong place light spray! Said that the characteristics of goods under the feeling 1. on the backlight, the watch placed parallel to the ground position, and then twist it for their own more than 40 degrees to light up the lighting time of 1.5 seconds, but I turn off the automatic lighting (because at random on the light of a move ). Pressing the B key (upper right) also lights the backlight. Wow haha. . 2. On the income, well, this is good news, both indoor and outdoor, manual automatic success rate of 100% basic. I think the watch is a bit small. . . However, this time table operation is still very convenient. 4 to the swimming pool tested under the waterproof performance, good water leakage phenomenon does not appear good. After all, 200 meters depth waterproof it!