CASIO Casio SGW-1000-1ACR Men's Sports Watch

I remember Casio electronic form is the time from the high school became popular, then who can have a piece that is absolutely very fashionable thing. My first piece of Casio comes from Dad to buy a phone number can record the style, remember the forester series, but unfortunately can not find it. In fact, at that time is really heart water Casio high-end, especially pro trek series of those features, but unfortunately that price is not anyone can accept, Dad buy that I have been very satisfied. But today, to spend four-digit to buy a pro trek I will not bear. So the search compared the half-day price within 1k with a guide to the function of the high temperature of the air pressure model. Outgear series in the mainland official website can not find, Hong Kong official website is full of all series models. If you want to compass barometric temperature is complete, there is only one model, sgw-1000, the rest of only two or three functions. Because has not had the anti-color display electronic form, had to spend 20 dollars to choose the favorite color. There is a non-rubber strap orange color, model SGW-1000-4, domestic TB also sell. CASIO Casio Men's SGW-1000-1ACR Casio Men's SGW-1000-1ACR Triple Sensor Digital Display Quartz Black Watch 70.15 US Amazon Direct Link CASIO CASIO Casio Men's SGW-1000-1ACR Casio Men's SGW-1000-2BCF Triple Sensor Digital Display Quartz Black Watch 91.75 US Amazon Direct Link AIU direct mail, from the single to wear in the hands of ten days. The box is very simple, a carton containing iron and non-Chinese manual instructions. As the rolex replica watches with a triple sensor operation is more complicated, the English is not a good friend of the best download a Chinese manual familiar. Casio Hong Kong official website to provide instructions to download. I chose the SGW-1000 is the only one anti-color display. Black dial, blue outer ring, the button is green, four-bolt head exposed look rough, deep in the lack of lack of lively. Is a very suiwatch for men's outdoor sports watch. Triple sensor button design on the right, concise and clear. The back has a basic introduction, waterproof 10bar. Can be seen is the origin of heavenly. Alarm stopwatch countdown is not time-consuming. First look at the compass, use the watch flat, press the comp button, north direction will be displayed in the outer ring, and the screen shows the current dial outside the N-axis (ie 12 o'clock direction) in the direction of the degree, and iphone Built-in compass measured the degree of little difference. Of course, this feature supports manual calibration. Pressure measurement function, very sensitive, the measured data can be time pressure value of the way in the top of the screen display, so that the day's pressure changes at replica rolex watches a glance. It is worth mentioning that, you can open a rapid change in air pressure alarm. When the watch detects a large change in the current barometric pressure will sound and the top of the screen shows the trend of the arrow to remind the weather may change. The height measurement function is displayed according to the change of air pressure and can not display the absolute height, so you need to input the altitude of the position manually. After a high-rise elevator test, more accurate, with the height of the floor value increased. Of course, if at this time to open a sudden change in air pressure alarm will be issued when the watch tweet. Measurement sensitivity of 1 m, when the body has crouched from the reaction. A change in altitude at the same altitude will result in a change in altitude, and therefore can only be measured as a relative height in the absence of changes in the weather. # # CASIO Casio new men's sports uk replica watchesGW-1000-1ACR I wrist thin, so it seems to get a great dial, wrist coarse point of the men should be able to wear a domineering feeling. Finally, a small function, sunrise and sunset time display, this feature need to select the city in advance, that is, longitude, the watch will automatically estimate, so the display time only as a reference.