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Recently fell in love with swimming. The reason why fell in love with swimming, because the recent work is not outstanding, learning is not prominent, lumbar disc. The outstanding results of this rare sun in the circle of friends, can be a strong Joseph, found that most competitive sports are classified as "not suitable to participate in the category." Therefore, every day had to spend 90% of the time sitting and lying on two of the most primitive human movement, of course, the result is soaring weight. After research, only swimming is rumored to be vertebral column-friendly exercise. So, brother is not obsessed with swimming, but have not had to choose . Developed a perfect weight loss program: daily dietary intake of not more than 1200 calories, while insisting on 1 hour per day travel 1500 meters. This can consume about 1,800 calories, and 600 calories is equivalent to about 70 grams of body weight, and taking into account the daily number of other sports there will be consumption, the ideal state about 1kg weight loss every 10 days. In order to achieve this plan, specifically to (Shenzhen) Futian Sports Park to do a half year card. 1880 times the number of times, do not need to rent a locker lock deposit, with the card can also receive parking tickets, full of value. Futian Sports Park adjacent to Binhe Avenue, convenient transportation. As one of the four main arterial roads in Shenzhen, Riverside Avenue connects the old and new economic centers of Futian and Luohu. The traffic is prosperous and the scenery on the road is unique. Binhe Avenue of the street through the solar and wind energy, show the green side of Shenzhen, a variety of pedestrian bridge across it, each bridge shape is not the same. It is not as wide as Shennan Avenue, but fortunately there is no red light. Not like Sungang Road, so crowded. While the North Central is more close to the mere thoroughfare of the fast roads, a little less humanistic atmosphere. Futian Sports Park is not large, but the facilities are not obsolete. Completed in 2011 repair. Among them, the swimming pool is indoor 50x25 m constant temperature swimming pool, water temperature maintained at 24 degrees, warm in summer and cool in winter. Well, I suddenly found a serious problem: I was beside the point. Please note that I am going to get back on track. In short, troubled my problem is swimming a distraction, can not remember how many swim back and forth. So I need a tool to record the number of round-trip swimming - functions do not have more, but must be able to waterproof operation, and easy to operate. Began to entangled in CASIO G-SHOCK and a variety of swimming bracelet between. G-SHOCK series are basically 200M waterproof, but did not expect the cycle function; cheap swimming bracelet is only 50M waterproof, generally 50ATM only applies to the general life of water and bathing, wearing a swim for its resistance to some doubt. SPEEDO as a professional swimwear brand has also introduced a bracelet, but easy to see from the wrist strap fall off; Jiaming veteran as the field of professional players, word of mouth and function naturally did not have to say, but the price is somewhat high. Tangle for a while after seeing this W-S200H, 100M waterproof swimming no problem, is a large complex models watch, you can count laps, timing, and calendar, countdown, alarm, when the two functions readily available, and The price as long as 175 yuan 包邮 - to know the function of the mechanical watch that less to be 175 million . Wristwatch CASIO W-S200H Casio Watch Electronics Series Diving Outdoor Sports Men's Watch W-S200H-1A293 元 Jingdong Global Direct Jingdong link, for reference only W-S200H is a light kinetic energy meter, metal drum packaging more distinctive, embedded in the top of a highly permeable PMMA material. This watch in the absence of time, on the watch box, a light to the time can be automatically charged. But the instructions and warranty card is not installed in the box. The specification uses a monochrome eco-friendly paper and uses a common thickening rule to increase the texture of the product - reducing the size of the print + multilingual. Packaging design is novel but not complicated. After all, cheap, so the annex is not expected. When the new table to get the rolex replica watches charge level is M, M level can achieve 100% of the function, but the power down to the L part of the higher power consumption features, such as timekeeping will stop working, such as power exhausted, The recorded information will be lost, need to re-set after recharging. Measured in a better balcony on the lighting 6 hours or so placed on the battery power level upgrade to H (sufficient power), and in daily use can be maintained at the H level. The workmanship of the table is still very fine, did not give a strong sense of "cheap." Four buttons are not complicated, the corresponding function keys, and the screen shows the annotation on the table ring. Slightly browse the manual, will soon be able to master the use of methods. Table cover with 4 screws, the swiss replica watches battery does not require special governance can be demolished after aging, convenient to replace the battery. Strap using resin material, sports sweat design. Weighs only 42 grams, be very lightweight. Wearing does not impede movement. Dial about 42mm, moderate size. Get started effect map. A brief description of the more concerned about the function of the motor cycle. Press the lower left corner mode to switch to the Sport function, then press the Pause / Start button in the lower right corner to start timing. Press the upper left corner to record the next round trip (or lap) for each round trip (or every lap). If you are using it outdoors at night, press the upper right key to illuminate the display for reading. A total of 120 laps of data can be stored, for daily exercise is more than enough. The next day, can not wait to be tested (the following car and swimming pool is not suitable for taking pictures, so only text description). Shenzhen weather in August more changeable, drove to the swimming pool on the road, I heard thunder, big drops of beans will drop in the windows, rustled. Then the beautiful Binhe Avenue, there is no suspense to start traffic jams. Drainage Asphalt pavement did not appear water, but the side of the sidewalk is not so lucky, litter of leaves and yellowing mud sideways in the middle of the sidewalk, as the uk replica watches river stopped pedestrians. Associated with many cities this year, flooded the situation, the city's water system improvement is also a long way to go. Stop and go for an hour, and finally arrived in the sky when the clear swimming pool. Weekend more infestation, especially do not like to follow the ass in the back, easy to disrupt their rhythm. Had to take advantage of the track a little free, they seize the time to swim, the results faster than ever, less than 50 minutes to get the 1500 meters, the fastest 100 frogs 2 minutes 33 seconds, 100 meters freestyle 3 minutes 08 seconds, Free swimming is much slower than breaststroke, not freestyle should be faster What good cheap swim ring table CASIO Casio W-S200H cheap swim ring table Casio Casio W-S200H.